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MEME Vol. 1 ist fast vorbei und heute möchten wir euch etwas Dokumentation davon zeigen. MEME steht für Music Empowerment Mobility Exchange und ist ein kollaboratives Projekt von 12 Rock Camps in Europa. Hier die Facebook Seite. Das MEME Youth Rock Camp Exchange fand von 21. bis 28. Juli in der Wuhlheide in Berlin statt. Das MEME Seminar und Network Exchange fand im September in Belgrad, Serbien statt mit 7 Teilnehmende aus Berlin.

Jetzt kannst du das Video vom Abschluss Konzert sehen und die Lieder auf Bandcamp hören. Viel Spass damit!

Magst du uns (das Europäische Netzwerk von Rock Camps) unterstützen, MEME nochmal in 2019 zu machen? Hier kannst du an uns spenden:

MEME Vol 1 - Youth Rock Camp Exchange Group Photo Gruppenbild
MEME Vol. 1 – Foto: Małgo Grygierczyk

Warming up for MEME 2018 concert with fellow Berlin artists

Running around with cables, stands and (almost) necessary ear protectors. Writing down interview questions and short introductions about the musicians. Making sure everyone in the backstage feels comfy and has everything on hand. All this, and much more, is what the concert preparations consist of. As participants of MEME Rock Camp 2018 in Berlin, which will reach its peak at our final event on Saturday, we had a “general rehearsal” on Wednesday, organising a concert of four Berlin-based artists in FEZ.

Party Fears, Jolly Goods, You’re Only Massive and Zdrada Palki heated up our Wednesday night with their energizing and convincing performances. Maggie Devlin and Eilis Frawley from Party Fears led us into the night with their pop-based, but highly versatile musical style: we were punking, funking, rocking and even discoing out. This women duo (actually, with the girl on the bass, it was a trio) was followed by another one – sisters Tanno Pippi and Angy Lord from Jolly Goods. Experimenting with sounds, equipment and genres, crowned with the haunting vocals of Tanno Pippi, Jolly Goods soaked the Konzertsaal 1 in their fifteen-years-spanning artistic pieces.

However, musical experimenting overwhelmed the scene when Maebh and David Murphy came out. This synth-pop/hip-hop duo uses lyrics and stage presence as means of questioning – and ridiculing – social norms traditionally ascribed to men and women. Letting our energies out, we closed the night with visually impressive performance of Zdrada Palki – queer artist from Poland using 80s and 90s (euro)pop music as a basis to convey bold anti-capitalist and feminist messages.

On Saturday afternoon from 3 PM on, our seven freshly-formed bands will play the songs they composed and rehearsed during the five days of the camp. From reggae-ish sounds to death-metal growling, young girls and women, trans and gender non-conforming people will take the scene at Konzertsaal 1 in FEZ and share all the mutual empowerment, solidarity and hard work we all put in taking out this rock camp. Support us, encourage us, inspire us – so we can continue inspiring our communities to become more open, accessible and just to everyone. See you on Saturday!

Text & photos: Anja Ilić, Projekat Femix

MEME Announcement

Introducing Music Empowerment Mobility Exchange (MEME), a collaborative European project which empowers youth to engage in music making and community building.

Supporting over 110 people active in music and music empowerment across ten countries, who will come together to learn instruments, form bands and exchange around community organising and storytelling through media making, MEME features a Planning Visit to Berlin in June, the MEME Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Berlin, Germany in July 2018 and a MEME Seminar and Network Exchange in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2018.

Realised with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and spanning seven months, MEME is led by Stelpur Rokka, Iceland in partnership with hosting organisations Ruby Tuesday e.V, Germany and OPA / Femix, Serbia and sending organisations Fundacja Pozytywnych Zmian, Poland; Girls Rock Dublin, Ireland; Girls Rock London, UK; Girls Rock! Finland, Finland; JM / LOUD, Norway; Pink Noise, Austria; Popkollo, Sweden and Stowarzyszenie Kobieca Transsmisja, Poland. All organisations come from the tradition of “girls rock camp”, music and arts based camps where girls, trans, and gender non-conforming youth learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and perform a concert at a live music venue and are members of the international Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

After successfully securing €110,000 from the Erasmus Plus Youth programme of the European Union, having scored 90/100 in its bid, this new and ambitious collaboration will promote gender equality and combat discrimination through an intersectional, anti-discrimination approach to empowerment through music and creativity.

Auður Viðarsdóttir, Stelpur Rokka! and MEME project leader: Facilitating artistic and social exchange across European and international borders is essential to our long term goal of transforming music scenes and society now and tomorrow by advancing participation of girls, transgender and gender non-conforming people. Through both the MEME Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Berlin, Germany and the MEME Seminar and Network Exchange in Belgrade, Serbia we intend to accelerate this process.

Maebh Murphy, vice chairperson of Ruby Tuesday and MEME project leader: We look forward to hosting the first MEME Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Berlin this July and working alongside other like-minded organisations active in youth empowerment through music and creativity with the intention of fostering new attitudes towards creative processes and developing power through each other.

Contact details of project leaders Auður Viðarsdóttir and Maebh Murphy
Auður Viðarsdóttir (Stelpur Rokka!, Iceland)
Skype: audurvidarsdottir

Maebh Murphy (Ruby Tuesday e.V., Germany)
Skype: maebhcheasty

Thanks to our fabulous sponsors and supporters!